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The links on this page are to some of the Internet sites I used when building the Black River Valley Railroad or because I found them to be interesting. Most of them are directly related to model railroading. I still use many of these links for research or amusement. If you want to open a link in a new window simply 'click' on the hypertext. If you 'click' on the site's logo, the link will open in your current window. More links will be added as time allows. If a site owner has an objection to being on my list, send me an E-mail via the button below, and I will promptly remove your site from my list. No one connected with the Black River Valley Railroad has any interest in any of the sites on this list.

Research Sites

WGHThe The World's Greatest Hobby site has the place of honor in my list because it is where I started when I decided to expand a small 4'x4' layout into the BRVRR. The tutorials on the site are immensely helpful to the beginner and there is always something new to learn. The WGH site has many links that are valuable to both, the novice and the experienced model railroader.

JMRIJMRI is a non-profit organization which develops computer programs for enhancing the model railroading experience using the JAVA computer language. While most of their free, downloadable, programs are based upon the Digitrax DCC System, there most useful tool is a nearly universal decoder programming tool. With your PC and JMRI DecoderPro you can program CVs in your locomotive decoders with the click of a mouse button. Even custom speed tables! The additional hardware needed for this feat varies from 20-100 dollars depending upon which DCC system you use. Check them out. They have other useful tools for the Digitrax user as well.

George Elwood's Fallen Flags site is a gold mine of information for the model railroader. If you model one of the lines that have been absorbed by one of the giants of today, or one that died of natural causes many years ago, the Fallen Flags site probably has photos of use to you. I have used the site innumerable times to verify a detail or confirm a road number. George is continually updating his site so there is always something new to see. If you haven't already done so, give the site a visit. You won't be disappointed.

Allan Gardner's Wiring for DCC site has a wealth of information for those modelers interested in Digital Command Control for model railroads. There is a mountain of DCC information on Allan's site for the novice or the expert. Do you have a question? Post your question on the DCC Forum on this site. The answer will be forthcoming in short order. In addition to the technical aspects of DCC, there are links to interesting model railroads with loads of ideas for the modeler. Give Wiring for DCC a look.

Commercial Sites

TTXTony's Train Exchange has all of the amenities of a modern Internet dealer in DCC equipment. The people are knowledgeable and friendly. Willing to answer questions and assist in component selection. Tony's has a comparison chart which compares systems, components, cost, and even warranty. The site has links to the various manufacturers, application notes, tips and much more. Give Tony's a look. There is something there for the DCC expert and novice alike.

Litchfield StationLitchfield Station, is an Internet DCC specialty store that also maintains a bricks and mortar store in Arizona. They carry most of the major DCC manufacturer's products at competitive prices. Of particular interest on the Litchfield Station site is the DCC University. For DCC beginners, the 'What is DCC' tab in the university is the place to start. There are also articles on DCC Theory, Wiring and a list of FAQ. A question sent by E-mail always garners a quick response.


Atlas ForumThe Atlas Fourm is located inside of the Atlas Model Railroad Co. web site. The Atlas Forum is no longer active however, the company has left the data in place. There is a wealth of information contained in the various forums that can still be accessed via search or simply by browsing. Check it out!

Model Railroader ForumThe Model Railroader Magazine Forum is part of the Trains.com group of sites. The site was overhauled in mid-July of 2006. The FORUM button below the Trains.com banner, or at the right, below the Model Railroader banner will get you to the forum lists. There is a forum on the list for nearly everyone. This is a very active forum with an international audience/membership. A question, on almost any model railroading subject, seldom goes for long without an answer. Anyone can browse any of the forums anytime, but posting a question or contributing to an active thread requires registration. One advantage is, if you register on the Model Rairoader Forum, you are registered on the entrire Trains.com system. You also gain access to many features like the Model Railroad Magazine Index and many other useful sites and services. All for free! A useful group of sources for any model railroader.

Informational Sites

UP Railroad TermsThe Union Pacific Glossary of Railroad Terms is a little more current than than the Catskill Archives listing below. Any model railroader or railroad enthusiast will find the Union Pacific's glossary useful. My thanks to Union Pacific for allowing me to link to their website.

Catskill Railroad Glossary;The Catskill Archive Railroad Glossary of railroad terms dates from the 1940s but is still relevant today. The glossary contains about 200 terms and definitions. The contains many terms that are no longer current but can prove useful for a model railroader or any railroad enthusiast.

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